We have the knowledge and experience you demand.

With over 80 years of combined Freight Forwarding Experience you can feel confident that your product is in good hands. At the helm of our company are the most respected and knowledgable people in the industry. They bring to the table, years of freight forwarding, shipping, trucking and moving experience. This is what makes us a great company. Not only do we have the years of experience behind us, but we also have the foresight to understand that the future is constantly changing.  

Unique to our company is the multiple years of experience and the adaptability that Alaskan Express has. What do we mean by adaptability? We have upgraded and implemented a new technology, we are adapting to the changing world. Utilizing the CargoWise system, we now have the ability to get the information that you need instantaneously! That means keeping you informed minute by minute, of the location of your shipment. Which make us, not only cutting edge technology, but already positioned for the future.


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