Our Service Features

Levels of Service


Utilizing all methods of ocean transportation, Alaskan Express Service can provide priority Steamship Services or cost effective Barge Services into the Central Alaskan Region, along with Barge Services into Southeast Alaska and Western Alaska. With our network of regional carriers there is no point in Alaska that is too far or too remote.


Alaskan Express Service can take care of all your shipping needs such as trucking, cubing, ocean booking, paperwork, container loading and delivery.

Advance Notice

Your customer is notified in advance of Shipment arrival. Each consignee is contacted by telephone to arrange delivery dates and appointment times. Arrival notices can be provided by fax, email, telephone or Electronic Data Interchange.


Consider Alaskan Express Service your partner in business. We can provide competitive innovative pricing to assist you in today's changing marketplace.


Electronic Data Interchange capabilities, tailored to meet your specific shipping needs.


Alaskan Express uses the most advanced technology available to enable us to provide the highest level of service at the most competitive rates for our customers. We implemented the ediEnterprise solution from www.cargowise.com Cargowise, as it is clearly the world's leading Freight Management System. Alaskan Express Service, inc. exchanges data in real time with our agents, customers and other partners to ensure that we can make the most accurate and up to date information available to all. The ediEnterprise system provides a total global freight solution to manage bookings, local cartage, transport and shipping management, customs, warehousing and more.


Shipments travel on our thru-bill from point of origin until delivery to your customer's door. We assume full claim liability during this period, subject to standard invoice value limitation and any concealed damage. Acknowledgement cards are sent to advise receipt of claims and expected settlement time.