About Our Company

Our growing company consists of over 22 people in our Sumner, Washington location, many more in our Alaska location, we also work closely with our Agents and over 100 more employees through California, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam.

In 2003 we started as a small company, with only a few employees and a small location. Finding a need a filling it, while growing a business, we have worked hard. As the word spread, the company grew and we were busting at the seams. In 2012, we moved to an expansive location in Sumner, Washington.

What Makes Us Alaskan Express

A professional, sharp group of employees is what makes us who we are. From the top, our employees have something special. Every single one of them has a quality and skill that makes them at the top of their game. Our dock workers are sharp, pay attention to detail, and work within a low error rate. Our office workers are also sharp at their job and have complementary skills to their position. Our Sales staff are professional and easy to talk to. This is what we need in our sales people. Our management have the knowledge, years of experience and personal touch to guide this company to the success that it is achieving..